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Monday, December 18, 2006

Violet Affleck is seriously the cutest little girl there is. She should grow up and be with Kingston. Here she is shopping with Mom and Scruffy Dad at Barney's yesterday. And here is a pic of the future in-laws.

Selma Blair was pretty cool in Cruel Intentions... I don't have too much else to say about her but I do admire her courage with that hair cut.

Hilary Duff and sister Haylie went skiing this weekend in Vancouver where Hilary is shooting her new movie. She has publicly seemed to handle her recent break up with Joel Madden very well, especially in light of his publicly moving on to Nicole Richie. I'm a fan of Hilary.

Why??? A lot of people are saying they like this new look on Mary-Kate. I DO NOT. Cabbage Patch Yellow is not a real person's hair color. Platinum looks amazing on people like Christina but (somehow) Christina's complexion allows for it. MK is way too pale for this look. I don't like Ashley dark either. Get it together, ladies!

Here is Britney and little sis Jamie Lynn at a Lakers game this weekend. Britney was booed when her face poped up on the jumbotron and was apparently so angry that she left before half-time.

Britney's looking a little bloated in these pics, I really am having trouble telling what's going on with her weight.

Any by the way, Britney, you don't look good when it all hangs out. You look trashy.

Obvioulsy you never know the ins and outs of any relationship, but I'm guessing that Tom Brady is just one person you do not break up with. According to Page Six of the New York Times, Bridget Moynhan made a final attempt to win back her ex, Patriots stud Tom Brady.

Moynahan flew down to Miami on Dec. 10 to host a Baume Mercier party at the Raleigh and to "keep an eye on Tom," said a spy. But Brady was said to be annoyed because while the Patriots were in Miami to play the Dolphins, he was having a good time at the bars with the local women when she arrived. "No one travels with the team, and he had already broken up with her," said one source. The stress on the actress showed - she was "exhausted-looking, and Nicole Richie-thin."

I think she's kind of borning, personally. Pretty, but boring.

So, here it is. My first celebrity post. Britney Spears. This is Britney leaving Dominick's in West Hollywood over the weekend. Is it wrong that I kind of actually like this dress? If it were sheer nude underneath the black lace it would definitely be cute... as for now its pretty much not even a dress.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So I'm taking this in a new direction.

Time for what I spend my whole day on, in conjunction with looking at outfits.



Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nicole Richie fashion that I love...

(from PerezHilton)

(from PerezHilton)

Thursday, July 06, 2006



Monday, June 19, 2006

Woven Flats:

Hair Trends:

Patterened Wrap Dresses:

Friday, June 16, 2006

This is a look I wish I could pull off. Skinny jeans and I are not getting along right now. Here is an article that highlights some pretty good suggestions:

Thursday, June 15, 2006

As a prelude to polka dots, I'd like to just share the amazing Oscar de la Renta dress that Jessica Simpson donned that started me on the dot trend. I would do just about anything to own this dress (and I supposed I'd take looking like Jessica does in it as well)

I found the white dress - eyelets, bell sleeves, wrap dress - it's got it all (It's Diane Von Furstenburg):

This is a big favorite (to no surprise, considering my love for Black and White): WHITE. The crispness. The cleanliness. It's like fresh fallen snow in the summer.

All white is class.

White cotton camis are a must, as they are extremely versatile (all white trend, black and white trend, great with natural colors). I have the second one pictured and I wear it as much as possible. It's from the Gap, which actually has a great selection of white shirts that are perfect for the trend. Check out under the White Shirts section.

Anything white with lace, ruffles, or with eyelets is generally amazing. Check back later for an update once I can find a picture of the dress I am currently obsessed with.

No, I have not forgotten skinny white jeans. I'm just bitter because I don't own them right now. I promised myself it would be the reward at the end of my diet (that's my new idea, Marty24). Good motivation, considering white jeans look AWFUL if any cellulite shows - lets not kid ourselves.